How to Swaddle


What is Swaddling?

The word Swaddle means “to wrap in garments or cloth”.

Swaddling is the ancient method of snuggly wrapping up your baby to help them feel safe and secure. Although not everyone agrees with swaddling babies, many cultures have used this practice throughout history, as it is thought that the feeling of being ‘contained’ or held within the blanket can help babies feel settled or less fretful and can also help them sleep. You can swaddle your baby until they are about one month old. After this time it may stop them moving around and hamper their development. When your baby begins to kick off the covers, it’s a sign they no longer appreciate being bundled so snuggly!

Our bamboo muslin blankets are perfect for swaddling as they are soft, lightweight and breathable.  Not only that bamboo's heat regulating and hypoallergenic properties make it perfect for young delicate skin.

How to Swaddle?

Just follow these four simple steps to swaddle like a pro!